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"I have coordinated the afterschool programs for 3 years at our elementary school in the past as a parent volunteer. Kids Creative Adventures was one of the afterschool programs that we introduced at our school starting in 2008 that included Creative Cooking, Mystery History, Hula Dancing, Comic Book Design, and Cartooning Workshops. Robyn Kline, owner of Kids Creative Adventures, has been a pleasure to work with.  She works wonderfully with all the children in the class.   Many of the children have taken her classes year after year and her afterschool program continues to thrive at our school. Even my own daughter had signed up for her summer camp last year when she offered a program outside of our school.  I would highly recommend Ms. Kline and her program to any school or company interested in providing quality afterschool or camp programs."   


- Dr. Wendy Wang, pediatrician

“Robyn captures the kids imagination and really makes them look forward to their cartooning class after school every Wednesday afternoon.”


Jim Handy


“Your after school art and cartooning programs gave Sara and Colin the opportunity to think creatively and develop ideas outside the normal realm of thinking.  Thanks for giving them a chance to explore and express their imagination in such a fun way.”

Susan Triplett


“I worked with Robyn and Kids Creative Adventures for two years as the After School Enrichment Director at Bagby, and my kids have taken several of their classes. Robyn and her crew are always punctual, dependable, positive and flexible. The classes they offer are fun, organized and creative. The kids come home with great projects that they are proud of! 


I would highly recommend Kids Creative Adventures! 


Amy Dale


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