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Kids Creative Adventures is the brain child of Robyn Kline, who after graduating from Kent State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree, moved to California to begin her career as a professional artist.


Robyn worked as an animator, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer for 20 years.


Robyn began her teaching  career in 1989. Sister Nicki Thomas, principal of St. Mary’s Elementary School learned of Robyn, who’s art studio was next door to the school in Los Gatos, CA., and was invited to share her talent.


Robyn taught junior high art for many years. She also began teaching an after school cartooning class that is still in place there today.

One of her most popular programs is Mystery History which was developed while sailing the Caribbean working as a caricature artist on various Cruise lines. What better location to create a pirate class, which became her first Mystery History program, The Lost Treasure of Shark Bite Cove.  Since that time Mystery History now takes you to over twenty world mystery destinations.  

Robyn’s creativity and imagination have allowed her to write and develop fun children’s curriculum that has grown into a labor of love.
Her children’s creative cooking classes have been a huge success and are now offered not just at schools but at a few local restaurants.

Each year Robyn creates and develops new programs such as science and engineering, which include a secret agent science class as well as castle construction and a very cool paper airplane workshop.
All of her classes address the common core curriculum.

Stay tuned for a new dance and music program as her creativity continues.


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