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Our Mystery History adventures are specifically designed to spark an early interest in History and Geography.


Through problem solving games, creative projects and exciting trivia competitions children have fun and earn prizes all while developing wonderment and knowledge of our world.


These one hour classes are offered for K - 5th grades.  Each session is between 5 - 8 weeks. Many classes are longer depending on the needs of the school.


Pirate Adventures - Yo Ho Ho and a class full of fun! Learn about the

world of pirates and life on the seven seas while solving... "The Mystery

of Shark Bite Cove."


The Case of the Missing Mummy  - Use your deductive reasoning skills to solve this mystery while learning about ancient Egypt.


The Mystery on Mount Olympus - Help Hercules find the missing statue of Athena as you travel back to ancient Greece.


Seven Wonders Workshops  - Travel back in time and discover fascinating and amazing wonders of our world; the Lost City of Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster, Angkor Wat, the Giant Olmec Heads, etc.


Mummies and Vikings and Pirates, Oh My!  - This is a popular sampler class of several of our workshops.


Island Madness  - This class is set up as a game show to teach students about islands from around the globe.



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